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The Cramer Law Group has more than 20 years of experience and we have solved more than 500 cases. Every case is very important to us and we always take care of them seriously. We have 98% of happy clients.

Who we are

The professional team at The Cramer Law Group focuses on assisting clients in their family legal battles. We provide individuals with cost effective legal solutions for pressing family law matters.

Commercial Litigation

Our trial lawyers provide trusted counsel, risk management and strategies for avoiding litigation, such as arbitration and mediation; however, we also realize that not all cases can be settled using these methods.

Corporate Law

An appropriate foundation for business operation and effective corporate planning are essential for any company’s success. Our business and corporate law attorneys make your business objectives our priority by providing excellent legal advice and guidance for all aspects of business and corporate law.

Business Transactions

The Cramer Group is willing and able to advise business owners and entrepreneurs on how to achieve business growth. In addition, we can advise you on corporate structure and help you with planning and managing annual meetings and board meetings.

Real Estate

The Cramer Law Group provides sellers, property owners, investors, landlords, general contractors, subcontractors, brokers and agents all across Texas in a multitude of real estate transactions and litigation. 

Employment & Labor

The Cramer Law Group provides a wide variety of law services to our clients, both private and public employers. Employment Law attorneys are a great asset in the early stages of prevention planning and in the decision-making process concerning employment law.

Debt Collection

When you or your company is owed money, it is often necessary to turn to the legal system to collect the debt. The attorneys at The Cramer Law Group have the experience necessary to maximize your recovery and minimize your cost while collecting the money your or your business is owed.


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